Lobau oil terminal

  • Lobau oil terminal - aerial photo © LBS Redl
  • Lobau oil terminal - pump station © Hafen Wien
  • Lobau oil terminal - loading of ships © Hafen Wien
  • Harbour Lobau © LBS Redl
  • Anlage in Lobau © Hafen Wien
  • Kilometer: 1916.4
  • Longitude: 16° 31' 43.49'' N
  • Latitude: 48° 09' 28.28'' E

Every year around 1,000 tankers dock in the seven berths in the oil terminal and around one million tons of mineral oil products are handled there. The oil terminal is connected by pipelines to the central Lobau fuel depot and the oil refinery in Schwechat.

There is also a rail freight station connecting to the railway network. The terminal stations have online measuring systems and automatic loading systems. The pump and loading stations are on floating pontoons.

  • handling and storage of mineral oil products


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