Car logistics

The car terminal in the Hafen Wien currently has space for approximately 5,700 vehicles in an open-air area of approximately 200,000 square meters; covered space is available for 2,000 of these vehicles. It offers direct connection to all motorways and national and international railway networks as well as two high-performance ro‑ro ramps for loading and unloading vessels, guaranteeing rapid delivery and transportation of vehicles.

Apart from the storage areas, the car terminal has the following facilities:

  • 1 Washing installations
  • Vehicle workshops
  • Halls for cleaning vehicles and fitting of radios, spoilers and other accessories
  • Petrol station, E-Petrol station
  • Railway tracks for 50 vehicle transport cars
  • Ro-ro facility

Qualified personnel to handle:

  • Loading / unloading of vehicles from vessels, railway cars or HGVs
  • Vehicle acceptance (included damage check) - damage check is not operated by the port
  • Storage
  • Washing
  • Complete PDI services
  • Fitting of accessories


For more informations: or call +43 1 727 16 - 1504


The Hafen Wien is certified according to ISO 9001 : 2015

  • Car terminal © Hafen Wien
  • Car 2 Go am Hafen Wien © Friedrich Lehr
  • Car terminal © LBS Redl
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