The port of Vienna is the largest public port on the Danube and consists of the cargo terminals of Freudenau and Albern and the Lobau oil terminal.

  • Freudenau harbour (river kilometre: 1920.1)
  • Albern harbour (river kilometre: 1918.3)
  • Lobau oil terminal (river kilometre: 1916.4)

Harbour Freudenau © LBS Redl

Freudenau harbour

  • Kilometer: 1920.1
  • Longitude: 16° 29' 16.45'' N
  • Latitude: 48° 10' 12.63'' E

Freudenau harbour is the centre of the cargo handling facilities on the Danube in Vienna.

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Albern harbour © LBS Redl

Albern harbour

  • Kilometer: 1918.3
  • Longitude: 16° 30' 23.60'' N
  • Latitude: 48° 09' 38.59'' E

Albern harbour handles building materials, agricultural and steel products. There are five large grain silos on the site with a capacity of 90,000 tons, making Albern the most important grain handling location in Eastern Austria.

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Lobau oil terminal - aerial photo © LBS Redl

Lobau oil terminal

  • Kilometer: 1916.4
  • Longitude: 16° 31' 43.49'' N
  • Latitude: 48° 09' 28.28'' E

Every year around 1,000 tankers dock in the seven berths in the oil terminal and around one million tons of mineral oil products are handled there. The oil terminal is connected by pipelines to the central Lobau fuel depot and the oil refinery in Schwechat.

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