Freudenau harbour

  • Harbour Freudenau © LBS Redl
  • Freudenau harbour - north view © Hafen Wien
  • Freudenau harbour - Storage halls for long goods © Hafen Wien
  • Freudenau harbour - harbour gate © Hafen Wien
  • Freudenau harbour - MS Eisvogel © Hafen Wien
  • Kilometer: 1920.1
  • Longitude: 16° 29' 16.45'' N
  • Latitude: 48° 10' 12.63'' E

Freudenau harbour is the centre of the cargo handling facilities on the Danube in Vienna.

It contains the handling amenities for bulk goods and raw materials, the container terminal, a car terminal, warehouses and depots, distribution centres for brand articles, the largest free port in Austria with a customs office and its own police station and the offices of Hafen Wien. It is also a haven and winter harbour.


Seitenhafenstraße 15
A-1023 Vienna

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